Leather Workshop

Best Made To Order

BEST Made to order Service provides forcustomizable options with finishes and details, also allows for personal tailoring according to the client’s individual measurements.

The service includes customized selection of leather & fur which clients may choose in a wide range of colors.

To schedule a private in-store fitting, we welcome you to all one of select butiques directly and we will be please to make you feel unique in your best tailor made choice.

High fashion fur in Bodrum

In a high tecnology atmosphere, you will find the most prestiqious chincilla, sable,fox,mink and rex fur where also tailors and designers are available if customers have a special request!

You will have the pleasure to touch leather & fur made of high quality thanks to the use of items selected with great care.

Discover the pleasure of visiting an atelier high fashion for over twenty years dedicated only to the world of leather & fur.