Who is the “BEST”

Leather Bodrum

Since 1996, BEST Leather & Fur is part of a global powerhouse in leather & fur market, as well as a fashion icon in İstanbul.

Premium quality skins are processed at company’s own tannery and being produced at BEST factory with highest technology.

After all, the BEST team, working with passion for creavity and experimentation, league together with an excellece in craftsmanship, carry the BEST collections to a magical world of leather & fur.

And the latest fashion designs are on sale at fourteen BEST Stores which are located in the heart of Istanbul.

In the magical world of BEST Leather & Fur, you will meet an endless range of design possibilities to turn dreams into reality.

In fine,
We are not artsy!
We are simply the “BEST“..

Leather Bodrum
Leather Bodrum

Best Leather Bodrum

Best Leather Store Bodrum
Best Leather Store Bodrum

Best Made to Order

BEST Made to order Service provides forcustomizable options with finishes and details, also allows for personal tailoring according to the client’s individual measurements.

The service includes customized selection of leather & fur which clients may choose in a wide range of colors.

To schedule a private in-store fitting, we welcome you to all one of select butiques directly and we will be please to make you feel unique in your best tailor made choice.

High fashion fur in Bodrum

In a high tecnology atmosphere, you will find the most prestiqious chincilla, sable,fox,mink and rex fur where also tailors and designers are available if customers have a special request! Leather Bodrum

You will have the pleasure to touch leather & fur made of high quality thanks to the use of items selected with great care.

Discover the pleasure of visiting an atelier high fashion for over twenty years dedicated only to the world of leather & fur.


You couldn’t be more wrong!

It’s true that in the past most wearers of fur were women and that reputation has hung on.

However, with new techniques constantly being developed, fur can become part of anyone’s wardrobe.

Designers have been increasingly sending men down runways in a wide range of fur styles: everything from the modern bomber with fur to fur lapels on a range of garments, as well as fur manbags and double-breasted reefer jackets in fur/fabric combos.

Trapper hats are ubiquitous in the cold winter months amongst both ‘macho’ and ‘metro’ men alike. Aviator jackets and parkas have been and continue to be popular items. Leather Bodrum


Fur, just like any other material, is perfect for all when worn in the right cut for your body shape.

Women with pear, spoon, oval and diamond shaped bodies should invest their money into a longline gilet – these come in a range of fur types, everything from rabbit, to mink to fox. Longline gilets will draw the eye down, drawing attention to the right curves and away from ones you’re keen to disguise. Best Leather Bodrum

Women with athletic and boyish body shapes should look to shorter cuts such as a vest or shrug. This cut will hug to the top half of your body to create great proportion.


Fur is a luxury item, but the entry point for some of this luxury is entirely affordable. Some accessories start as low as $180, meaning that fur is something that we can all treat ourselves to from time to time.

Add a little character to your handbag or backpack with a colourful fur keyring, or keep your head warm in the colder months with a beanie featuring a statement fur bobble – a key trend for A/W 15.